It was a typical tribe drumbeat, growing louder and louder by the moment. It seemed like a victorious beat, why wouldn’t they be happy. They got a nice meal after a long-long time.

One look at our little team and I knew they were ready to run. Leanna promised that they’d be back with a plan and that she was sorry that they’d have to leave me here. Perfect. She did say one thing, act dumb. And after that she was out of sight.

What did she mean act dumb? I couldn’t even understand their language so what was the necessity of telling me to act dumb. I was confused.

Waiting for something to happen was agonising.

After what seemed like ages, the first head popped into sight. Curious brown eyes, with a chocolate brown complexion he looked cute. After him, one by one all of them came into sight. There were at least 10 of them, to fight them would be useless. He had to stall. He needed to buy time for a great plan to form in Leanna’s head and to save himself.

They hauled me up. That’s when I thought I could maybe run but looking at their well toned lean legs, I knew they could outrun me.

To say that things were unusual was an understatement. The way they eyed me, like a hungry lion eyeing a deer. Every stare ran a shiver through my body. Feeling this cold while it was mid-summer was a new experience.

I was just about to say something when the tribe started whispering to each other. At first I thought I was hearing wrong but to my astonishment their language had phrases of English. Wow. How unusual was that?

No wonder Leanna had said play dumb. They thought I was a tribe man. My attire said so. Never had I been more happier to be dressed as a tribe man. They obviously thought I didn’t speak English. How very fortunate for me . Now I would know exactly what they planned to do with me. Yikes.

Hey all tomorrow there will be a surprise. A new Pov. Can you guess who’s?

Thanking you for your support and love.



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