After my talk with Leanna we trekked for a while and then called it a night.

Next morning we started early and I was too distracted. I had barely gotten 3 hours of sleep cause I was worried sick about Kate.
We continued the journey but I was just not into it. And that’s when something happened. I tripped over this rock and fell into a trap.

I was trapped. At first I laughed it off saying it was an animal trap and I could easily get out. Then I looked at the men’s face and I realised that wasn’t just a little accident. Looking around the trap I saw a few bones.
Walking towards it probably wasn’t a wise choice but my curiosity got the better of me and that’s what I did. On a little bit more further investigation, I came to this: the trap was not for an animal but for a human.

There were cannibals on this hill that’s why the locals refused to come here. No wonder they were scared.

That’s when the seriousness of the situation dawned upon me, all these men and Leanna knowing of the danger still came here with me just so that I can find my Kate. I was touched. I was just about to say something when I hear a loud noise followed by drum beats. And that’s when I realised that deep trouble lay ahead of us.

Hey all,

This was a short post but I wanted to end it at the right cliffhanger. So untill tomorrow..



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