Kate’s POV

The man leaned in and started to whisper in my ear.

I realised that the man was Dave. I had to bite back the urge to bite his hand and knee him in the crotch.

He said “Kate somehow Bill found out that I spoke to you. This is not good. I’m sorry I have to make you stand like this but that’s because Bill is on high alert and the slightest noise we make, we’ll get caught. I know you might think I am crazy but believe me Bill is way crazier. He just has never showed that side to you. Now will you please co-operate and move ahead towards the shore. I’ll let go of you but don’t speak. Please.”

This guy was almost whining. I wondered why he was so keen on running away from Bill. I knew that Bill could really get a temper but the way this man was pleading me, I didn’t feel it right to ask him what had happened.

All through the way, Dave directed me with his arm. We took so many turns that I lost count. I couldn’t even make out if we were going towards the shore or deeper into the forest. I didn’t want to ask Dave, lest someone should hear us. I just assumed that he was doing this to throw Bill on the wrong track.

After about 30 minutes of wandering around we reached a nook that further led to the sea. It acted like a miniature version of a port. A small raft stood bobbing up and down, tied to a tree trunk. It had its own sail and I was impressed by Dave. It had a small box which I assumed were supplies. I had bought my torchlight and some fruits with me and promptly placed it into the box as soon as we got in.

The night was deadly quiet except the silent bobbing of the raft. The moon was nowhere to be seen. It was the perfect time to escape but Dave was waiting. I don’t know why. I was looking at him and I opened my mouth when he put a finger on his lip and the other hand on his ear, motioning me to keep quiet and listen.

At first I couldn’t hear anything, but looking at Dave’s intent face I tried harder. As I said it was quiet and so the voices travelled. No wonder Dave had asked me to keep quiet. Even though they were the faintest of whispers, quite a distance away, we still could hear them.

It was I think 3 men whispering about finding us. So Dave was right. Bill was looking for us. They were furiously whispering about how they couldn’t find us. I was glad that the trees hid us even though the men were far away. After about 10 minutes the voices started fading. The men were moving away.

I looked at Dave and he nodded indicating that it was safe to sail. He quietly untangled the knot and let the current carry us.

We were back at sea and this time I would make sure not to fall sick.

Somehow in the darkness of the night, being on the sea with Dave, running away from Bill, I felt safe. Dave hadn’t lied to me. Not like that Bill I considered to be my friend. I did not completely trust this Dave but for now I felt safe and happy. I was going to see Leo and nothing would stop me.

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