Donny was right. Leanna was meant to be Queen.

Exactly the day after they got married she was down to business. She brought in many new rules which involved girls having a choice, a chance and most importantly freedom.

A small expedition team was set up the next morning including Leanna, Donny, me and few other tribes men. We set off towards Juan Hill. Finally I would be able to see something.

It was 960m above sea so it was quite a task. But at least I knew that I would get some information.

The climb was amazing in the beginning. Lush green scenery. Canopies of trees giving us respite. The forest was breath taking. Quite literally.
Many rocks lay askew. Though they were quite small they were very slippery due to the moss.

We had been trekking for 3 hours now. The tree trunks thickened indicating that we were heading deeper into the forest. The tress had more branches, running almost everywhere. It seemed like one giant tree with many branches spread across the entire area.

Right at the middle there was a stream running with a fast current. That’s when I realised that we weren’t just trekking horizontally we were also escalating upwards, slowly .

There was no man-made bridge to cross the stream. Instead one of the tree branches bent over so much that it led to the other side. Crossing this was my favourite part of the trek. It was quite slippery and dangerous as we were at least 6 feet above the stream. And who knew how deep it could be? It only seemed small but with experience I know how easy it is to misjudge the depth.

We broke for lunch right at the other side.

Only this half a day trek was exhilarating. I was also a little tired. After the hearty meal we all decided to rest and took turns keeping watch.
I was the last on the watch.

It was already 3. Leanna said according to her ancestors who had actually travelled to Juan Hill said that it would take about 2 days to get up there. She had found it in the ancient room which only she was allowed to go in as she was Queen now.

I had asked her what the view was. She replied back saying that you could see the islands surrounding theirs in the vicinity of 50-60 miles. The ocean stretched on till you couldn’t distinguish between the ocean and the sky.

I didn’t ask her why her generation stopped going up. I didn’t want to jinx this expedition by knowing what they already knew.

Leanna was risking most of the things for me. I had to stay positive and I knew with that extra information I possibly couldn’t.

If only Kates was here.. sigh.

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