Pearl of the Caribbean

Kate’s POV

When the man revealed his face, all I could think of was “why?”

The man was none other than Dave.
Dave the one who ran away from the wheel. The same Dave who helped me overcome nausea. And now the Dave that kidnapped me. Wow.

Why I asked him.

I know where Leo is.

You do? Tell me.

All I got in response was his silence.

Why won’t you tell me? I almost yelled.

He told me to hush down or we’ll be caught.

Like it matters to you. I’m sure Bill sent you.

Of course it does. Bill already doesn’t trust me. If I’m caught with you then I’m gone.

So then does Bill know about Leo?

I was astonished by his reply.

Bill knew where Leo was and yet he didn’t tell me.

Since when? I asked.

From the time we arrived here.

He didn’t tell me. Oh he is dead. I started to march towards our campsite, furious.

Stop wait. I’m on your side. I can take you to him. Bill won’t.

You can take me to Leo? Why should I trust you? Why won’t Bill take me?

Look Kate, you are like a sister to me. You should trust me on this. I know this is asking too much from you. I know that is easier to trust Bill, your friend than me, a stranger. But remember this, he hasn’t even told you where Leo is. So the chances of him taking you there is even more slim.

You’ve got a point. But how did you know where Leo is.

Remember there was another lifeboat.


Our lifeboat got swayed towards this island while there’s got swayed in the direction of Leo’s. So one of Bill’s minions saw him lying flat on the beach and sent a message to Bill through a bird and I read it when Bill crumpled it and threw it away towards the fire. Except he missed. And after reading that’s exactly what I did.

So they are on the same island as Leo, I almost shrieked.

No I don’t think so. They said Leo was on the Pearl of the Caribbean while Bill’s minions are on the neighbouring island.

Okay what is your plan? How do we go?

So you trust me?

No I agree to you taking me to Leo. If you do safely take me there then I’ll trust you.

Fair enough. Be ready at midnight at the same spot. Don’t make noise while opening and closing the tents.

I have sneaked out before. Thank you and I’ll see you.

We parted ways.

My heart was beating with excitement. Adrenaline coursing through my body. My mind was racing through so many thoughts but I was still very angry at Bill.

Nevertheless I couldn’t wait for this Midnight Adventure


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