Juan Hill

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Here is J:

When I heard them say “Isla de Margarita” my first thought was that they were offering me pizza and that’s when my stomach decided to grumble.

But then when they kept pointing to the land and saying it, I realised that I was on Isla de Margarita. And that’s when my geography kicked in. Isla de Margarita is an island 587 km from Venezuela. The highest point in the island was the San Juan Hill, 960 m above the mean sea level. The locals that inhibited the island lived off on fishing and cultivation.

Language was a problem. I couldn’t understand what they were saying and neither could they. But thank God for sign language. I pointed to my stomach and then to my mouth. Tada fresh fish was served.

I tried to communicate slowly in my actions saying that I needed to climb up the Juan Hill. I wanted to be able to see if the life boats had docked some where. I know it was foolish to expect but if I had survived then I know my Kates would have too.

But whenever the locals heard the word Juan Hill they trembled and refused to say/ point at anything. A fear struck in their eyes and they vigorously nodded their head, refusing me to go up there.

2 days passed by and our communication skills had not improved. They kept a strict watch on me. I was allowed to wander along the shoreline of the island and was promptly stopped on both the occasions when I tried to venture into the forest.

I was thankful for their hospitality and food but I was getting more and more apprehensive. I needed to find Kates.

10 thoughts on “Juan Hill

  1. Shipwrecked…I miss a couple and they are shipwrecked?? Well, that was inferred by lifeboats and a missing Kate. Have to admit I was thinking pizza at the start too!

    Must catch up on the previous parts I’ve missed now!

    Still going strong though. 😊

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