Hey!! So as promised this post starts Leo’s Adventures! I am super excited for my first time participating in the A-Z challenge. Let me know what you feel about this story. All thoughts are appreciated!!

All my posts will be published 12pm IST that is 2:30am ET. Keep an eye out for them! The archive of this story can be found here

Presenting to you the first of its series: A is for Ahoy

Ahoy! Welcome aboard The Sweet Death.
Wait who names a ship Sweet Death?
I tried to see who had spoken to me. The only one even closer to me was a silhouette of a man quite a distance away. How he managed to see in the dark that I was admiring this beauty, I don’t know.Image result for ship at night docked'

Walking up close I almost choked trying to stifle a scream. That man like figure was a skeleton.. well it was supposed to be a costume I guess. But hell it looked so real.

Climbing aboard, the dude in the skeleton costume took care of my luggage. And I tried to breathe more easily, looking around at the magnificently lit view.

I could hear a dozen voices but I zoned out, captured by the moon’s reflection on the vast blue sea. Millions of stars twinkling in and out. The cool breeze of the sea blowing through my hair, carrying the smell of salt. The ocean’s tide rhythmically knocking on the ship’s hull. I found comfort in the eeriness and quietness of the night. The view was beyond perfect.

Image result for moon on the ocean with stars

“Beautiful Sight isn’t it?”

Yeah, if this is what I’m going to see every night this month then it’s worth the money, I said without looking away.

I looked to my left, towards the direction of the voice to see who had spoken, it was another one of those skeleton dudes. Looking around all I could see were a few people and more of those skeleton dude’s. Great.

I was even more jumpy now. How long had it been since I was here? Where was she? I swear if she had left me on this amazing/freaky cruise all by myself I would not spare her.

A bright spot light flashed by and there she was, beautiful in that blood red dress, walking towards me. But she wasn’t alone.
Surprisingly she was walking with one of em’ skeleton dudes. The look on that dude was all smug, he looked even more real than those others, radiating power, I suppose. All the other dudes did keep a safe distance from him, so maybe he was in charge? Or was I just over imagining..?

Walking towards me was either my date or my “date”.

I wondered which one of them I had to face first.



37 thoughts on “Ahoy

  1. Fascinating start. I take it the challenge is continuing with this tale so we find out what happened!

    Will try and catch up over the weekend. It’s my first A to Z too. Still wary about a few letters down the line, but I’m sure something will come to mind!

    Enjoyed the writing too 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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