Treat Your Eyes

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Your Eyes(2)

Your Eyes

My life was going just fine (if not normal) I at least never pondered into my past or anyone’s past for that matter.

That is until I saw you on the Subway. I wanted to surprise you after work, take you out some place nice after a long work day. And hey what better day to do that than on a Friday! I was overjoyed when I saw you get off and was gonna run up to you and embrace you in my arms when my world began to slow down. I came to surprise you but it seemed like I was the one getting a surprise.

I saw you staring at him, without any movement and I know that it was only a stare but I had never seen you like this. People pushed past you and you didn’t seem to care. It lasted a few seconds and your eyes gave up but I don’t think your heart did.

My heart started racing. A zillion questions ran in my mind.. Who was that guy? How were you related to him? If you knew him why did you stare and not talk to him? and so on ..but then I thought that I was making a mountain out of a molehill and buried it. I didn’t feel like asking you.. because I felt that I was not meant to have witnessed what I saw.

But next week, it was too much for me, the same thing repeated except this was a more pleading and a deeper stare and to me it was never ending.

I had known you for years now and from the moment I had laid my eyes on you, I knew that I would never be able to erase you from my mind, you were my religion, you were the ink to my pen, you were my worst distraction.

You never liked me asking you about your past, initially I was curious and then I realized you were my world and that I would do anything to just be with you. That’s the way things had been. But now my curiosity arose and it haunted me more than ever.

Who was he?

More importantly who are you?

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21 thoughts on “Treat Your Eyes

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  3. The depths , of minimalism and subtlety you have uniqly reached by rebuilding the cliché concept of vague human interaction has got me sinking into your life ocean by choice.
    (Personally vaguely like the suspense)
    Cheers to all your posts:)

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  4. “initially I was curious and then I realized you were my world and that I would do anything to just be with you.”

    that was like a punch to the heart. It’s one of them things where I’m not sure if I hate it or like it because it speaks to me most. Safe to say I’ve been there. It’s spellbinding, a curse also, compelling with no choice but to go along with it.

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  6. Conflicting emotions rose through my head until I read the last part. Brilliant way to keep the readers hooked till the very end by keeping the element of surprise intact.
    Coming back! The part where painfully express your desire to be with the person at any cost – ah! So beautifully expressed the pain♥️

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