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T(w)o: Your Eyes

You and I together it’s us,

Bumped into you in a God forsaken bus,

All I longed was for some company,

But seems to me that you wanted something more.

All through the night we spoke and spoke,

Sometimes you were so funny or just plain boring,

We exchanged our numbers and bid our goodbyes,

But in your eyes all you wanted to do was stay.

We met a couple of times and hit it right,

You called me yours and I was very thrilled to be,

Went to the same college and graduated together,

It’s just been you and me since that bus ride.

Once got an unexpected call and I was forced to leave unexplained,

We had to part and I never got the chance to tell you

How much you meant to me and  how that one bus ride changed my life.

Fortune was in store for us and I bumped into you again;

This time on the Subway,

Too embarrassed to meet your eyes, I ran away not once but twice.

Oh its been years since I last spoke to you,

Maybe I should bump into you again to relive all the pain love,

Maybe this time I can face you and be able to tell you that I’ll always love you too.

Its been a year!!

I’m so happy and thrilled to see all of you constantly showing your support and encouraging me to continue to write ❤ . Oh I can’t believe that my blog is a year old today and I’m surprised to see that I made it this far. 😛

Thank you 🙂

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25 thoughts on “T(w)o: Your Eyes

      1. To be honest i really don’t know.. if inspiration strikes and it is something to do with this .. then i’ll probably link it up.. what that phone call was about or something like that.. I’ll let you know 🙂 And thank you ❤

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  1. You’re welcome!💝
    I’m happy to be here as well. 😁
    Thanks!! Happy holidays to you too! Have fun!
    Thank you so much for commenting about my blog! It really means a lot to me💝😇
    Will be waiting to read many more of your blogs!✨

    Liked by 1 person

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