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Your Eyes…

A letter to the owner of those beautiful eyes,

I love you, I have always loved you.

You disappeared leaving me alone, making me face a hundred eyes. Always have looked down and then you came into my life like a storm picked me up, undressed my fears, showed me who i could truly become and then left me behind.

We had a miraculous thing. I want to see you and your eyes again…



It was a beautiful,snowy Friday evening. The sun had just set in, leaving behind a pink glow. It was a sight to watch, Alas I had to get back home by the subway.

The station was  filled with people. So chaotic, people running in and out. People walking with their eyes glued to their mobile phones,bumping into others. Everyone was the same. Such monotony bored me.

Amidst all that, a pair of eyes got my attention. They weren’t addicted to the phone, they were looking out of the window behind me or at me. I couldnt make out. By the time I could clearly see, they disappeared. All the way back home the image of those eyes kept flashing by my own. I felt like I had seen them before,known them before but now it was a faded memory.

Those deep dark brown eyes, perfectly placed, looking at me with a sense of familiarity, longing to be recognised taunted me for the entire week.

It was friday again, I reached the station early, hoping to catch a glimpse of those eyes again. I did, it was the same way as second and gone. Except this time I noticed a scar. A small but deep one above the right eyebrow.

I had seen them before. I knew it. A name popped into my head but i wasn’t sure if i was right, i had to get this right. And i knew exactly where to find out who they belonged to. I Rushed home, opened the dusty 15 year old, yearbook. Skimming across the pages, i found those eyes. It was hers.

They never seemed to stop mesmerizing me. Oh those beautiful mysterious eyes, looking at more than just you. They had their own way of making you feel a sense of comfort and trust.They had always glistened, be it when she smiled or cried. I always used to get lost staring into them. Now they didn’t shine the same way anymore.

I had searched for more than a year for those eyes, but they disappeared right after we finished graduating. They belonged to a girl even more beautiful than those eyes. Not just any girl, my girl.

I had loved every inch of her but those eyes were the ones that caught and could hold my attention without making me feel bored.

In your eyes I’ve found the missing pieces to myself. Oh pretty girl wherever you are, you should know that you made me fall in love with myself. You taught me to embrace myself. Thank you!



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42 thoughts on “Your Eyes…

    1. Thank you!! Means so much to me
      I know right.. it gives you not only joy but also when you look back and if it was something extraordinary that happened then you are just so fascinated by it.. and it’s so unbelievable that something of that sort too could happen..don’t know if you got what i’m tryna say!!

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  1. Eyes are the first expression we use when we think of people. The eyes say a lot about a person, its the first thing we see, the thing we remember always. If we want to know the truth, or convey seriousness, we look straight in the eye. This was really nice! I will be following your blog so I can read more!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. So true. Eyes are the reflection of what we want to say/feel. Thank you so much for all the love you have showered upon me by taking time and reading and liking every one of my posts!! You have seriously made by day.. and got my blog up to 200 likes. So thank you so much ❤


      1. Awww. Well there’s no need for thanking. Take it as something one enthusiastic writer, did for another enthusiastic wroter. I genuinely liked your posts which is why i liked it. 200 likes? Thats great! Keep going!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha I just had to tell you though! Thank you so much for taking the time to read mine! I’m glad we can both enjoy each other’s writing fully! Always ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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