via Daily Prompt: Passenger

Aren’t we all just passengers of the train called life?

We dream of extraordinary things, dream about things as magical as the Hogwarts Express, sometimes believe in things unseen, as we travel in the train.

Sometimes the train is filled with people around you. Train rides are especially fun when you travel with loads of people but sometimes you are left all alone looking out of the window wondering where you are headed ? Those are the times you wonder what happened to all those people around you? You become nostalgic, and the trunk load of memories slowly unravel and you are lost in thought, lost in sadness, lost in despair, lost in maybe even happiness.

Maybe that’s exactly how are lives are.. When we are happy and joyful, people surround us like moths to a burning light.. But when they get too close they see what we are madeΒ  of and not many of them stay. Like how the moths fear getting burnt when they fly too close to the light and so they fly away from it.

The train we are travelling in, we don’t know when it will stop, when its engine will stop working or when it changes tracks. Β That is the amount of uncertainty with which we all live. We don’t even know if the scenery from the window is a happy one or a gloomy one but we still we chug our way through days, weeks, months and years.

Maybe thats the beauty of it. The uncertainty, The mystery, The perspective.

The beauty lies within.


15 thoughts on “The Journey Of Life.

  1. wow…. really good post, loving the style of your writings and the way that you bring out your posts, they are simply magnificent. Really love the theme that you have chosen for your blog, it is really nice. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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