What’s so special about Sunday? The day is just a little longer, the afternoons lazier, the evenings more lively and night well the night becomes so quiet and peaceful. Just like as if everything is getting ready for the Monday hub-bub.

Today my day was really good. Got up late had a scrumptious breakfast.. studied for a while and then watched a highly inspiring movie which in simple words explained happiness is all about finding comfort in life’s imperfections.

The best part of the day.. evening!! My favourite cousin’s came over. All of us sitting in my hall talking about the never ending stories about my childhood. Everybody barging in to tell me their own version of the same story while laughing and me loving that attention, asking them to tell me more because one can’t seem to get enough of one’s own childhood!! Oh and to add to this happy chaos we were watching the cricket match India vs England and it was a thriller.

Those 2 hours that we spent together was beautiful.

Family, isn’t that what one really wants by the end of one’s life?

A family of one’s own, a family to count on, a family to laugh with.





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